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FREE tv ad production

When you buy an air time package, we'll include professional TV ad production - FREE.

This is your invitation to a custom designed TV commercial production to promote your book or bookselling company.

Available only with this special online deal. When you purchase one of our TV Promotion Packages, we will create a sophisticated, intelligent, 30-second commercial to promote your book, e-book, DVD, CD, audio-book, bookselling website, bookstore, or publishing house.

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These are not canned ads, templates or pre-made ads. Our award-winning producers create a one-of-a-kind TV commercial. Our many years as Hollywood film and television professionals ensure that your commercial will be of premium quality.


Advertising on local cable stations or broadcast channels can cost tens of thousands of dollars, putting it out of reach for most authors and publishers; national exposure can cost many times more. This fact inspired us to develop our unique, low cost TV advertising packages specifically for the promotion and sales of books, e-books, DVDs, CD, and books-on-tape. Advertise an individual publication, or promote your publishing house.

Today's challenging media marketplace demands a new approach. Time-starved consumers face ever-broader choices. They will look for your works only after they have heard about you. Studies continue to prove that TV is the best choice for introducing a new product to the marketplace.

SECRET: Why should authors and publishers advertise on television?

Studies show that customers are over 70% more likely to make a purchase after seeing a video presentation of the product or service. Let us help you get the kind of exposure that drives book sales.

TV Promotion Packages: Choose The Shelley or The Byron:



FREE TV AD PRODUCTION with purchase of air time package:

  • FREE 30-second TV ad production
  • professional script, great music
  • on-screen text special effects
  • image of book jacket, CD or DVD and purchase information
  • 2 to 4 of your supplied photos, if desired
  • Up to 3 month local air time package (or national if you desire)

ONLY $2,999**

FREE TV AD PRODUCTION & MORE with purchase of air time package:

  • FREE 30-second TV ad production -- with all the features of The Shelley
  • Up to 6-month local air time package (or national if you desire)


  • FREE 30-sec. Pro Voiceover [a $199 value]
  • FREE web-ready Quicktime [a $149 value]

ONLY $5,999**

A deposit of $50, applicable to your air time, gets you started.


  • Professional Voiceover - scripting, performance and audio editing; add $199 per 30 seconds
    (60 sec. = $398)
  • Quicktime® version - for your website, newsletter or email campaign. No distracting watermark. Use anywhere, any time; add $149
  • TOP UP YOUR TV AIRINGS [add more air time], starting at just $2,999**.

Have a 30-second ad already? can air your commercial with the "Shelley" or the "Byron."

Is your ad 60 seconds? We highly recommend the "Byron."

USA service only.

Your time is valuable. Let us handle the details.

Put your TV advertising to work around the clock with Books On TV™. Pay once: set it and forget it for 3 months, 6 months, even a year.

For even more Hollywood flair in an entrepreneur-priced, fully custom TV production, pop over to our sister site, Cheap TV Spots®.

Award-winning Cheap TV Spots® TV commercials offer an expensive look at an entrepreneur-driven price. With the Rapid-Ad™ Plus, you'll get scripting, pro voiceover, lifestyle footage or images, special effects and lots more, all for one low, fixed price. Additional services available. See the site for details.

* TV commercial production for your 30-second ad is included as part of the specially-priced air time package.

** Air time is prepaid. Networks and frequency are based on target demographics and network availability.

Our producers have earned over 100 awards for our low-cost television commercial productions.

Advertise on television:

Nationwide - across the U.S. on quality networks

Locally - anywhere in the country

The Deal:

100% OFF the cost of your TV commercial production when you buy your air time via Books on TV™. Our packages are priced smart for your TV marketing needs.

with your air time purchase.


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